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Bushido, literally the "Way of the Warrior", is the starting point for all Martial Arts. Bushi means "Warrior" and Do "the Way".

Bushido was the Code, the Way of life of the Samuraï. The Samuraï were warriors which used to practice Bujutsu (Bujutsu = all fighting methods

of the Samuraï). Bushido was for years the most important part of the education and studies of the Samuraï.

Budo developed itself gradually taking its resources in the mortal war techniques of Bujutsu. Later on,

in a trial to group all Bujutsu principles to a more easily understandable system, the code of the Bushido was summarized to the five following main requirements: Fidelity (Chûgi)

- fidelity towards master (lord) and fatherland

- respect towards parents, brothers and sisters

- assiduousness, steadiness Politeness (reigi)

- respect and love

- modesty and correct etiquette (formality)



- valor, courage and bravery

- hardness and coolness

- never lose self-control

- patience and endurance

- promptness (always be ready to fight)


Truthfulness/Veracity (Makoto)

- sincerity and straightforwardness

- sense of honor and justice



- simplicity and purity