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The art of Judo is decended from Jujitsu. The name of Judo was given by Jigoro Kano, founder of the Kodokan Institute. Old Jujitsu techniques involved the practice of hand, waist, holding and few foot skills. Many foot techniques have been added to modern Judo. Today Judo is popular throughout the world and emphasized as a competitive sport for champions. Dai Nippon Judo-Jujitsu Kai does not teach Judo as a sport but as another Martial Arts vechicle to develop the body and mind and to inspire Judoka with the traits of friendship, cooperation and understanding.


Jujitsu is considered the mother of Japanese Martial Arts. This technique effectively uses the bare hands to disarm an opponent with a weapon and immobilize him without injury. The technique utilizes movement and the science of dynamics by turning the opponents energy against him.


Board of Directors.

Mitsubura Tatsuo, Hachidan: Founder: Deceased.

Mitsubura Paul, Shichidan: President

Consiglio William, Rokudan: Vice President: Director of Operations

Consiglio Amanda, Shodan: Michigan Chairman: Treasurer

Cumbie Michael, Shodan: Michigan Vice Chairman Shodan: