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The Principles of Waza



of Judo, that is, "Maximum Efficient Use of

Mind and Body".

The theories of Tsukuri and Kake are

expressing the principle from Waza's viewpoint.

Tsukuri is made up of Kuzushi which means

to destroy your opponent's posture or balance, and

"holding yourself ready" to make your attack


To actually apply your contemplated technique,

when his posture has already been broken by Tsukuri,

is called Kake.

Tsukuri and Kake can also be called

technical principles of Judo.

While you are practicing Tsukuri and Kake,

both depend upon the fundamental principle of

"Mutual welfare and benefit" and

"Maximum efficiency,"

you can understand and master the principle

which can be applied to all phases of human life.

You proceed from Waza to Way by practicing Judo.